Looking for an Update?

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Looking for an Update?

Hey! if you have been waiting for an update email or are just lost on whats going on with your order then your in the right place!

Please note that Ive been updating my Instagram and Facebook feeds ( @Anklebiterskids ) with updates almost daily but its not a resource for information as I had hoped for you the customer so I am trying yet another tactic to get this information out to you all!

So whats been happening?: Over the past two months I have had around 10% of the update emails Ive sent via this website actually arrive. The other 90% seem to just get eaten in the inbox of the receiver or just never gets sent out. An odd glitch I know but Ive been doing everything I can to correct it with obviously little success. 

Whats happening now?:  Now I will be updating via email, Social media AND this page so that you can easily access this information from anywhere! Keeping both myself and you sane and a lot less stressed!




Updates page added.

If you did NOT enter an email in at checkout please contact me at Anklebiterskids@yahoo.com or by the Contact US page and I can enter that information into your invoice manually.

If you need the item for a special event please contact us ASAP so that we can be notified of that needed speedy shipping! Or we can ship it directly to the expecting mother!

Orders being dispatched for Monday drop off at the post office.



Shipment drop offs. Next batch of shipments created.


Shipment drop offs and next batch of shipments once again.


As of November 30th my emails are STILL not being received. I sent out updates email today as well but it seems they arent arriving even with my adjustments. I am still so sorry for this issue everyone!

Replied to all emails in the AM PST. Will reply again PM PST. Update emails still not being sent. some replies are being lost as well even though its sent from my personal account.

Shipment emails are not sending out either. working on a fix for that as well.

Adjusted "Reviews" app as it was bothering customers for reviews. Reviews are only requested once the item has shipped. 


Last preorder of 2020 complete! if you see something you like be sure to sign up for the restock alerts!



Orders shipped out



35 orders shipped out awaiting drop off at post office.



packages at post office. **UPDATE: some are showing as label created still! unsure what's going on but if this is happening to you please message me so I can inquire with the post office please and thank you**


27 packages shipped and awaiting postal pick up


packages at post office. PO was very full so please be aware it may take them some time to scan them


15 packages awaiting post office pick up


39 packages awaiting post office pick up. drop off at post office for previous day.


45 packages awaiting post office pick up.


31 packages awaiting post office pick up.


10 packages awaiting post office pick up.


working on completing orders and shipments


update emails being organized. DELAY in update emails due to migraine.


25 packages awaiting pick up. 14 awaiting Saturday shipment. DELAY in update emails 2nd migraine of the week.


56 packages shipped and dropped off at post office. 13 more being processed.


23 packages shipped and at post office. 5 being processed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ 


happy new year! International orders temporarily stopped to allow for education on Brexit and VAT taxes. 


60 orders at post office. awaiting scans


20 orders prepped for shipping. Update emails sent to ALL open orders please check you inboxes.


postal pick up of 25 orders. All emails and social media messages replied to.


International ordering restored aside from the U.K. (sorry guys still a work in progress). 15 orders prepped for shipment. Supplies stock awaiting fulfillment. New preorder wait time added ( 8-12 weeks)


Shipment of 10 packages.


Website admin down for the day. unable to ship or update.


22 packages shipped. Working on messages and updates.


first preorder of 2021 is live


15 orders shipped


35 orders dispatched


cant login into website admin. Shipping and messages delayed due to issue


52 orders dispatched


14 orders dispatched